Rex du Poitou

Flavours from the French Charente: Rex du Poitou’s saddle, carrots and ceps*


• 2 saddles of Rex du Poitou rabbit
• 600g of carrots
• 200g of ceps
• 50g of onion
• 50g of carrots
• Bouquet garni
• Clarified butter
• Salt, pepper
• Carrot tops


Bone the rabbit saddles (the day before), making sure you keep the kidneys, season them and tie them like a roast with the kidneys inside.

In a casserole dish, heat up a dab of clarified butter and colour the saddles on each face. Then, add the toppings and deglaze with white wine. Cover and let it simmer at low heat for about 20 minutes. Remove the saddles, sieve and reserve.

Wash the carrots, chop them and cook them with a little butter. Season.

Clean the ceps and cook them on high heat.


At the time of serving, cut the saddles, arrange the glazed carrots and ceps in a dish, arrange the saddles above and put the juice in a gravy boat. Decorate with the carrot tops.

(* recipe from the “Trésors gastronomiques” book courtesy of Éditions XXXX and Bruno Foucher, Chef de cuisine, Hôtel de Bordeaux, Pons)