Low in calories, rabbits’ meat is excellent for health. Their flesh is protein and vitamin-rich as well as low in lipids, so rabbits provide a good alternative to white meats. It is well balanced and fits both young and old. It is only slightly cooked, so it keeps all its nutritional value.

It is easy to cook, healthy and surprising !

Flavours from the French Charente: Rex du Poitou’s saddle, carrots and ceps*
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Golden Rex du Poitou with onion

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Rex du Poitou with prunes

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Thyme and tomatoes Rex du Poitou

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A few original ideas:

Whole, you can cook it in a couscous, with curry, carrots and oranges, on a stone plate with ginger or more traditionally with mustard in a casserole dish.

As an appetizer, rabbits can be presented as battered fingers or as spring rolls or as burgers with herbs or even wraps with chorizo.

In pieces:

Thighs are the leanest pieces of rabbits with only 4% lipids per 100g. They can be roasted with Espelette pepper and soft peppers, or with blue cheese in foil with red pesto and olives, with lemon and Parmesan, Basque or Asian-style, with orange, honey and spices…

The saddle (the piece with the most Omega 3) is a real little roast to share. It can be cooked in a paella, sautéed with asparagus and almonds, lacquered with vegetables, flamed pineapple with ginger and cloves or marinated tandoori-style.

The fillet, tender and quickly cooked, is the ideal piece to imagine surprising recipes: with yoghurt, curry and pears, sautéed with grapes, bacon strips and hazelnuts or with herbs, asparagus and peas, as fajitas, as bites or saltimbocca.

Gigolettes are marbled and savoury pieces made from the shoulder and ribs entirely boned. Gigolettes are delicious for the barbecue with mustard, marinated with teriyaki sauce, roasted with squash and spices or battered with crisps or pesto.

Balanced and simple, rediscover the meat of the rabbit with the Rex du Poitou! Rabbits’ meat is THE easy-cooked meal. Delight your friends whatever the occasion and explore new flavours.