Rex du Poitou

Rex du Poitou with prunes

For 6 people

• 1 rabbit of 1.5kg
• 30g of butter
• 150g of bacon strips
• 10 small onions
• 1 tablespoon of flour
• 15 to 20 prunes
• ½ bottle of red wine
• ½ glass of brandy
• Thyme, salt, pepper

Cooking of the rabbit

Dice the rabbit in chunks and brown it in a big cast iron casserole dish with the butter and bacon strips. Add the onions and brown them, then add the flour until golden. Baste with a glass of water and ½ bottle of red wine. Season with thyme, salt and pepper. Cover and leave to simmer for 2 hours. Using a pressure cooker instead of the cast iron casserole dish will reduce to cooking to about one hour after the valve starts to whistle.

Disposition of the prunes

After 2 hours of cooking in the casserole dish or one hour in the pressure cooker, open the cooking recipient. Put the prunes in the casserole dish and leave it to simmer for about ½ an hour or 15 minutes in the pressure cooker.

Serve the rabbit with prunes along with boiled potatoes and serve with red wine (such as Cahors or Buzet).*

The unexpected touch

If you like sweet & sour dishes, you can replace the boiled potatoes with peeled, diced apples cooked in a frying pan.

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

Note: the better the wine, the better this dish will be. Concerning brandy, Armagnac is recommended.